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Royal Beasts - EVEN GOD'S A BEASTER!!

Delhi’s Royal Beasts is a group of “Royal Enfield Bullet” Motorcycle enthusiasts
bound together by their passion for THE BEAST and the OUTDOORS
You can love us or hate us, but you just can't ignore us!

2012, our tenth anniversary, seemed far away when we started down this road.
Royal Beasts, an exclusive club for Bullet enthusiasts was started in 2002 by Ajeet Hundal and Kartik Krishnan; two friends and avid bikers.

The idea got sparked when the founder of Inddie Thumpers Motorcycle Club of Mumbai shared about a group of riders in Delhi who would share the same passion for their bikes and riding.
After a lot of thought we decided on “Royal Beasts”! That name captured everything!
The legendary “Royal Enfield” motorcycle and the passion to ride that releases the beast within the biker!

The first official meet had 3 members. Our first ride was just a short breakfast run on the Jaipur Highway. But soon our family began to grow and so did the rides. Roads became our playground and riders became our brothers.

Our growth was so rapid that within two years we became the third largest group in the country.  Our members became known for setting motorcycling records and exploring every corner of India.

From being a group of Bullet enthusiasts, the club is now a Registered Society under the Societies Registration Act XXXI of 1860 . The main aim is to inspire the motor-biking communities in ways that would portray a healthy image of bikers at large, to promote the spirit of the ride as well as promote camaraderie amongst the riders. We ride to provide an outlet to the energy within and be committed to the motorcycle brotherhood. We are a family oriented Motorcycle Riding Club dedicated to safe riding and fun within the confines of the law.

From awareness campaigns to teaching on road safety, from helping organize marathons to having bike workshops where you get to know your better half, the bike, better.
This society aims to take adventure motorcycling in India to its next level and we can be best described as a social riding club.

We don’t let go of any opportunity to be on the road, explore new places, meet new people, test endurances. The globe is our Playground, from Ladakh to Kanyakumari, from UK to Sri Lanka, whenever we get a chance, wherever we get a chance, we ride!

City rides are followed by weekend rides and then there are long rides…Ladakh, RM, and “quit your jobs and be on the road for months” ride!
There are no sponsored rides, you work, you earn, you save and you ride.
Makes the ride even more sweeter!

Our rides have taught us a lot about life, about people and teamwork and how to make the most of every ride. And when things don’t go according to plan we get better at crisis management.

We are synonymous with defying stereotypes. We do attract the ‘hardcore’ bikers, but they come from the most unlikely backgrounds. From doctor’s to designers, lawyers to living off dad, call-center people to clergymen, artists to aristocrats, pilots to prodigies, businessmen to bankers, media people to musicians….they are here!
We believe in no race, profession, gender or age barriers. We just want to ride.
Anyone who shares the same passions, respects oneself and others are welcome to join.

Being a Beaster is a delicate combination of two things...riding and attitude.
We would love to ride with you, the toughest roads, the worst traffic, the extreme weather, but at the same time love to share the same meal, share a beer, share a smoke, share ride stories, share our lives with each other. From being fired from our jobs, to a girl spurning our advances, we share it all. That’s what a family is all about!

There are no rules or regulations to being a part of the family. We don’t have set criteria’s of minimum rides to qualify or join, we don’t have guidelines for attending club meetings or rides. If you want to be a part of us, this is second nature to you.
We follow a feeling. A gut-feeling that tell us where you belong.

Your “T” is your identity. Your Patch. You respect that, you watch your behavior when wear that T. You respect other clubs who respect that. You are not above anybody, you are with them.
You don’t buy the “T”, you earn it. And when you have it, welcome to the family!

This is who we are, this is who we always will be and be advised, the Beasters can and will bring dramatic changes in your lifestyle and personality.

We are in our 10th year and the Beasters have the honor of hosting the World’s Biggest Enfield Fest, RM-2012!
Not only is it our anniversary but also the 10th year for RM. So the expected turn out is 1000+ bikers who will ride hundreds of km’s just to celebrate the spirit of adventure alongside us, Delhi’s very own, the Royal Beasts…“EVEN GOD’S A BEASTER” !


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