Rider Mania (RM) has always been an event that has held a fascination for all the Bulleteers from across India.

The event is a cue for Royal Enfield motorcycle connoisseurs to unwind and bond with fellow bikers with biker events, music and much more. RM is the biggest motorcycle event in India that has grown exponentially over the years. It brings together throngs of Royal Enfield riders from clubs all over India.

It all started in 2003 with only 60 riders. And since then, the motorcycle community has kept growing.

Since 2005 each club across the country decided to host the event on a rotational basis at their home location. Each year riders from all the over India would come together and to swap stories about their bikes and rides, share technical expertise, narrate ordeals and adventures during their rides and let down their hair in the mosh pit. It’s an opportunity to travel length and breadth of the country, promote riding locally, know the culture and promote tourism of the host area. The host clubs were as follows:

2005 – Inddiethumpers, Mumbai
2006 – Madbulls, Chennai,
2007 – Wanderlust, Nagpur
2008 – Wanderers, Hyderabad
2009 - RTMC ,  Bangalore 
2010 – Inddiethumpers, Mumbai
2011 – Eastern Bulls, Calcutta

The RM’12, the conclave of motorcycles community is all set to kick off at Best Western Hotel in the outskirts of Delhi on 28th and 29th of January, 2012. This year the Beasters from Royal Beasts Motorcycle Club, Delhi are hosting the show.

RM’12 marks the successful 10 years of the event and Royal Beasts.

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