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Motorcycle clubs were unheard of in India. Motorcycling was unheard of, it was taken as a way of commuting, not a passion. Riders with the passion were limited to rally’s, the well healed, who were greasy by day and polished by night. The passionate one’s were loners, riding alone, content within themselves. And then clubs started. Each club has a claim to fame, the first, the original, the first with the idea, well, whosoever’s idea it was (another point of contention we are sure, amongst the oldie’s) it was going to take shape over the years. Clubs were aplenty albeit few riders in each club.

Vernon, from Chennai but in Mumbai, profession was to maintain the RE website, a solo thought, or a combined thought with some fellow riders, nobody knows, decided to host an event.
An event where small fledgling clubs, the so called big daddy’s with 20 riders, the solo riders, all were invited, all would get together on a common platform and just Chill…RIDER MANIA IS BORN, the year is 2003.

Venue is Goa, news was spreading through word of mouth, online activity was hardly there, Mark Zuckerberg was probably getting out of his diapers or attending his high school re-union.
The first event had 60 riders, and boy did they have a blast. Pitchers of beer, ride stories, adventures, misadventures, short rides, the days seemed short, the stories were endless.
The 60 riders, their chest swelling with pride, boasted, were the subject of envy for all who were not there, and burned the fuel in all to attend the next one.

The saga would go on, Ridermania, or RM as we know it, was here!

The next year, 2004 was Goa again, turnout more than doubled, 120+ and that’s when the club moderators decided that this should be a rotational / roaming event. An opportunity to travel the length and breadth of the country, enjoy the hospitality of the hosting club, promote riding locally, encourage people to see what RM is all about, know the local culture and promote tourism for the area. We mean who would not want to see riders, people getting together and enjoying their beautiful Land, India!
And that’s when rotation began.

Writing about each RM would probably keep you to this page till RM 2015, but in short, our numbers kept increasing, crossing 600 riders was like a piece of cake.
We have the heart, we have the soul, we have made this event what it is today, in unity. As a brotherhood ! ONE BROTHERHOOD !!!

A thousand is what we want, a four figure (thank god it’s not our salary)!
That is what we strive for and that can only happen with your support, the community’s support.
600+ of you already know who we are, what the event is, 400 is what you need to get!
We would love it, so would you, if we need to close registrations or have a sold out event! By then it would be “Too late brother, you missed it!”

WELCOME TO RM 2012, New Delhi!
28th and 29th January 2012

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